Aaron Regal, referred to as Aaron the Dunce or Prince Peabrain, is the first child and only son of Prince Frederic of Selathon and his wife, Princess Virginia. He is currently twenty-one years of age, and is the third in line to inherit the throne of Selathon, his great-grandfather being Damian I. He has a sister who is three years his younger, Felicity, and is currently unmarried.

It was evident since a young age that Prince Aaron was different. He is plain-faced, unresponsive, antisocial and prone to mood swings. In addition to this, his mental faculties are not of a vigorous or altogether complete nature. Though this was quite contained when he was younger, or able to be overlooked as simply the follies of a child, since the death of his mother it has became more and more obvious to the Court of Selathon that Prince Aaron will never be fit to sit the throne.

Since the death of his mother, Aaron's teachings and general looking after has been overseen by his uncle, Prince Cameron, whilst Aaron's father explores more philanthropic work in the nation. There are some who believe that Prince Cameron is trying to install himself as the power behind the throne, should Aaron come to sit it. This idea has its backers, though most fear the day that Aaron is to be crowned king.