Braddisten Clarke is a human male, born in Copperdale in the kingdom of Selathon, where he has lived all of his life. One of eight siblings, Braddisten has dedicated his life to the art of blacksmithing, and in his early twenties went on a grand pilgrimage around Engelain to learn the trade as taught by various cultures and species.

Braddisten is the oldest brother, and the second oldest child. His family members are, in order of birth: Paulette, Thomaseta, Jonathor, Theodore, Marietta, Jessalina, Stephaniel. He apprenticed under a local blacksmith to help provide for the family at a very young age, and finding himself quite a bit more skilled than the blacksmith tutoring him, soon took over most of the business and saved up enough funds to go travelling.

Crossing the globe, Braddisten learnt the art of blacksmithing from dwarf and elf, from men of all kinds, from the avians in their mountain forges to the gnomes and their grass-filled laboratories. It is even rumoured that he gained demonic tutelage, and sacrificed his left arm for this knowledge, leaving in its place an iron rod with a clamp at the end to hold metal still whilst he hammers with his right hand.

Returning to Copperdale, Braddisten was more than skilled enough to bring his family from poverty. Not caring for riches or fame, Braddisten simply worked at his trade, never finding a lover- he was simply devoted to his trade, and nought else. When his younger brother Theodore got a girl pregnant at age thirteen, Braddisten took him under as an apprentice, though Theodore was nowhere near so skilled. Still, it was this training that allowed Theodore to get a job as armourer at the Champions Guild.

Braddisten would eventually be paid to supply arms and armament to a small standing army at Last Shore, where there had been a mass-murder at the local Leprechaun's Foot. Under the wing of Karstone Greatjohn, Braddisten was dragged along on a quest which he'd not truly signed up for. When Captain Boneshackle lead a pirate coup against the army, Braddisten escaped along with Karstone and Sir Charles, and together they headed to Capital City, which had been overrun with undead and left them in need of escape once more. Eventually, Braddisten wound up at Messia, where he ran into and forged a great alliance with Oughbel Basset, to whom he promised to make a sword when the fighting was done.

Braddisten did not take part in the fight against the Dread Lord, and therefore was not brought into the Halls of Janus with the other Heroes of Messia. However, he still kept his memories when the timeline was reset, though he is not sure why, and has revealed this to no one. In the new timeline, the hagspawn Etheldredda approached the blacksmith, wishing to apprentice under him. For half a year he was her teacher, until she decided to launch a mission against her family of old.