The Champions Guild is a prestigious building founded by the Gaulean master fencer and businessman Monsieur Federico Ricardo. The Guild building was situated in the village of Copperdale, south of the town of Hamstead in the kingdom of Selathon, and was made of polished marble, with stained glass windows depicting many heroic deeds, lapis-lazuli roof tiles and had within it training areas, along with a bar and an in-built Gorebucks.

The Guild, though recently made, was renowned for having tough membership requirements- one had to have had significant heroic deeds under their belt in order to be invited to join their ranks. As such, it encouraged many casual adventurers to try harder to be accepted, and also lead to many people with many problems forwarding their issues to the Guild in the hopes that a champion would take on the task. In this way, the Champions Guild became a hub for adventurers; an easy route to finding new quests to embark upon.

In the sixty-ninth year of King Damian's reign, the Champions Guild received word that a group of novice mages had accidentally summoned Azul, an elder demon. Members of the public were called to aid in this matter until further members of the Guild arrived, though Azul ended up attacking the Guild and destroying the building. The Champions Guild has yet to be reformed, with the guildmaster being otherwise preoccupied.

There are some who have suggested the Guild was set up as a marketing ploy by Monsieur Federico Ricardo- that it exists to trick people into buying Gorebucks products, and that the guildmaster would rent out advertisement space within the building in order to rake in a healthy product for himself. The veracity of these claims is unknown.

Members of the Guild:

- Joric Ironfist, for slaying a potent necromancer

- Aztar

- Armando Godkiller, for disposing of pagan heretics

- Skullvulture, for various monster kills

- Amair Zone, for generous monetary donations to the guild

- Big Bertha, for resolving the Mist crisis

Employees of the Guild:

- Monsieur Federico Ricardo, guildmaster

- Bessie, tavern wench

- Stan, Gorebucks cashier

- Theodore Clarke, armourer

- Siera Nilifen, musician