The dark arts are a subsection of magic regarded to be morally repugnant and sacrilegious to practice. It goes beyond simple legality and moral taste- it is implied, (though not strictly proven,) that indulging in the dark arts corrupts one's soul, and thus makes them more likely to continue in their studies and become more awful still, until the user of the dark arts becomes irredeemably evil.

Some species are highly associated with the dark arts- vampires and hags taking priority among them. Whether they are naturally inclined to the dark arts, or simply more famed for using them, is unknown. Whether the dark arts are truly corruptible has never been conclusively proven, but there has yet to be an example in history of a good necromancer, or a sane demonologist.

Areas of study often considered as part of the dark arts are as follows:

- Necromancy

- Demonology

- Pyromancy

- Witchcraft

- Conjuration

Known practitioners of the dark arts are as follows:

- Soahc the Deceiver, adept in all forms of dark magic

- AchUbaid the Undying, an elite necromancer

- Cold Ethyl, a hag adept in illusionary magic