The earth is the world upon which the continent of Engelain, and every other known continent, sits. It is of indefinite size and is constrained by the outer darkness which exists above the sky.

The earth is, for the most part, an ocean world. It is orbited by six planets, two large planets named the sun and moon, and four smaller planets whose names differ dependent on which land you hail from. In terms of landmass, Engelain is the part of a supercontinent: a chain of three continents that are attached by land bridges. Engelain is bordered to north, west and south by waters, but to the east is connected by a land bridge to Kal'sea, which stretches north into the Frozen Wastes, marking the furthest north any mortal has ever explored. Kal'sea is bordered to its east by waters, and to its south is attached to Sanjer, which was likely once connected to Sanjaja, the two subcontinents forming what is known as the Southlands, the most southerly anyone has ever travelled.

East of Kal'sea is an unnamed jungle land, uninhabited save for savage beasts, and east of that is the continent Khaliyat, a series of arid and desert islands which has historical and cultural ties to both Engelain and the Southlands, whilst being a distinct culture of its own. Though this is as far east as the map goes currently, it is known that there must be other lands further on, for there is a so-called Eastern Land from which samurai and ninjas originate, though such a place has yet to be defined in any certain terms.