The Engelite Dwarves are creatures that feature heavily in the creation myths of Engelain. It is said that when Tyrrus first stepped foot on the planet, that he decided to form a chosen people to carry out his greatest work- the construction of Annwyfn, paradise on earth. First he created the giants, yet found them too large and frightful, then second he created the dwarves, too short and proud, before finally creating and settling upon humans, who were just right.

The separation between Engelite dwarves and regular dwarves is uncertain. It is commonly stated that the Engelite dwarves went extinct during the fall of Annwyfn- that the genocide of their people was carried out by none other than Soahc the Deceiver. The dwarves of today are very often considered not from Engelain, but from a foreign land, and therefore not related to or descended from the Engelite dwarves whatsoever. In which case it begs the question, why create dwarves, when they already exist elsewhere on the planet? Surely Tyrrus would be aware of the existence of such beings- after all, he created the earth and all of the creatures upon it.

Some take this as evidence for the fact that the true giants took the act of creation into their own hands, or else some other force wished to recreate that which was lost through the use of a fabled Godsforge. However the most likely case is that the Engelite dwarves and the dwarves of today are one and the same. After the fall of Annwyfn, it is known that countless hundreds of dwarves for innumerable generations were taken as slaves by the avians of the Eyr Mounts, being thrown out once their great work was complete. This is perhaps the best explanation for the origin of the myth- that the disappearance of the dwarves via the birdmen enslavement lead many to believe that dwarves were extinct, and when they were reintroduced to the mortal population, few were willing to believe that they were the same as their mythical and revered counterparts of old.