The Engelite Pantheon is the collection of gods most commonly worshipped by the humans of Engelain. They all share a common origin- creation by Tyrrus, the head of the pantheon, and thus does not include the various other gods worshipped in Engelain that have no discernible relation to Tyrrus. Though there are several interpretations of what does and does not constitute a member of the Engelite Pantheon, the most commonly attributed to members are:

- Tyrrus, God of Order, creator of the earth and forefather of man

- Soahc, God of Chaos, son of Tyrrus and defiler of the old world

- Janus, God of Time and guardian of the Halls of Janus

- Fiara, Goddess of the Sun

- Ciera, Goddess of the Moon

- Four other planetary goddesses, unnamed.

- Arran, God of Mankind, a mortal ascended due to Soahc's trickery.

Some do not count the likes of Arran or Soahc as members of this pantheon, or else include other figures to is as well, yet as it stands, those listed are the currently accepted roster.