The Halls of Janus, (referred to in non-Engelite cultures as the Halls of Time,) is an alternate dimension connected to that of Engelain, and is the meeting place of all doors, gates, entrances and exits. The Halls of Janus exist outside of time, and within it contains a near infinite number of doorways that can allow one to pass through continents in seconds, go backwards or forwards through time, perhaps even travel to new worlds. It is known that when a passageway such as a door is built, it becomes a part of the Halls of Janus, (a common Engelite saying is that, 'a door opens three ways,' meaning that there are more options available than meets the eye.) It is possible to force open passageway into the Halls of Janus through a door, though it requires incredible magical ability, and one might not like what they find upon the other side.

The Halls of Janus are so-named for their guardian, Janus, a god of the Engelite Pantheon who is the eternal warden of the realm, making sure that time is not meddled with by outside forces.