An Imp is a demon of considerably small stature and power. They hail from the Demonic Halls, and interact with Engelain through the use of summoning circles. It is unknown if imps are simply very weak demons, as gnomes are very weak humans, or if they are the child-form of demons. They tend to be of a height with gnomes, crafty, with middling to high intelligence, (putting them ahead of most demons, which tend to have an animalistic mindset.) Imps can come with or without wings, and have other variations, though whether they are evolved traits, personal attributes or something forced upon them by the dictation of the summoner is a matter for demonologists to contemplate.

Imps are generally the first type of demon a fledgling demonologist will summon, before going onto greater tasks. Due to their weak magical ability, imps are often bound to old tombs as the magic can keep them locked there for many centuries after the death of the caster. Many imps have the ability of teleporting over short distances, and in this capacity can be used as infiltration units. Given their weak wills, it is easy for one to summon many imps and bind them to one's will- the use of imps as swarms in battlefields has been well-recorded, though of course practising such dark arts is greatly frowned upon by most modern cultures, regardless of what enemy threat they face.