The Holy City of Messia, often shortened to Holy Messia and most commonly referred to simply as Messia, is a city in Tywrought which serves as the capital of the Tyrannian Empire. Messia is the home of the Papacy and the Imperial Senate. Apart from housing both the Emperor and the Pope, Messia is famous for hosting the Grand Library of Messia, the largest gathering of historical and religious texts in all of Engelain, and perhaps the world. In religious scriptures, Messia is regarded as the location where Tyrrus first entered Engelain, thus it being regarded as a holy city.

During the time of the Dread Lord's rule, Messia was seized by the Blood God and made into a capital of his own. He locked prisoners beneath the Castle of Saints, sealed away those beloved to the gods in the Grand Library, and held the supposed key to his demise, Sin Solar, in one of the city's cathedrals. It was a thriving community for the worst of the worst- demons and vampires and other dreaded creatures. Treacherous Templars, spy masters, genocidal giants, everyone one would never wish to experience could be found in UnHoly Messia.

Messia would be the final battleground of humanity against the Dread Lord, where an unlikely group of heroes united in order to defeat the Dread Lord once and for all. After the Dread Lord's destruction, the god Janus removed his taint from history, so that Messia had never fallen. But as a reminder of the sacrifices that were made, a statue was placed in the central plaza, immovable, of those that had put their lives on the line to save the future of all.