On The March is a ditty written and performed by Beatrice the Bard, a eunuch mercenary, whilst under the employ of Soahc the Deceiver, detailing the Onslaught on Oakfoot.

The windows are a'shattering

The walls writhe with flame

Your wife's skin's a'flaying

She screams from all the pain

Your young maiden daughter

She's not a maid no moooooore

But all in all it's just another day

On the March.

The town crier's a'crying

The town's priest he prays

The townspeople are dying

Their mewling children bray

To Tyrrus they are calling

And so Tyrrus's son he caaaaame

But all in all it's just another day

On the March

The knights they are a'frying

The castle walls they fall

The lord gathers his daughters

In his hallowed hall

He's screaming out for Tyrrus

For hallowed be his naaaaaame

But Soahc the Defiler's

On the March

Heckling hags and spiteful spawn

Fiery mistress, ghost reborn

Shining sword and devil's deals

Assassin's pay- the whole world reels

Betwixt them all

Smiling down

The curse'd devil

With blood wrought crown

Total destruction is our demaaaaarche

As after all, it's another day

On the March

Yes that's right!

Just another day On the March