The Seven States is the name given to a collection of nations residing in Eastern Engelain which share a similar culture as well as geographical location. It is purported that the Seven States were built upon the wreckage of the ancient paradise of Annwyfn, and folklore dictates that the Seven States gain their names from the Seven Sisters, a group of powerful mages who banished all of the horrors that Soahc had conjured in his war against Tyrrus and thus restoring peace to the Seven States. The accuracy of this claim is disputed however, and the Seven States has never since been as prosperous as other parts of Engelain.

The Seven States make up the south-eastern point of Engelain. They are to the east, west and south bordered by waters, and to the north by The Great Plains. North-east of the Seven States is the homeland of the elves, and following the coastline west will eventually take you to Tywrought. The name of the Seven States are, in no particular order; Romia, Lithia, Donia, Venia, Vakia, Garia and Bania. Romia is the most westerly state, (and most frequently under threat from the Tyrannian Empire,) Garia the most easterly, and Bania the most southerly.

The Seven States are generally seen as impoverished and underdeveloped, but are also known to have some of the most beautiful landscapes on the continent. They were at one stage under the control of the Tyrannian Empire, until their liberation by Arran nearly four centuries ago. Since this momentous event, the Seven States have been able to rule themselves, thriving under the collapse of the Empire. Magic is freely practiced in each of the Seven States, and some of the more unorthodox branches of magic are explored in depth there.