Timruviel Flayvirion is a male elf of indeterminate age, who has gained great infamy throughout Engelain for his various malpractices. Having been exiled from the elven forests of the east for some unknown reason- for which he holds a deep resentment towards all of elvenkind, Timruviel has spent the intermittent centuries undertaking whatever acts of villainy and illegality that have caught his fancy, making sure never to operate on too grand a scale as to warrant his elimination, forever lingering on the periphery of human criminality.

Along his list of misdeeds it is known that Timruviel has headed various bandit contingencies, lead revolutionary factions within Speria, became a pirate king in the south of Western Engelain for many decades, aided in the secession of the Free Kingdoms against the Tyrannian Empire, galvanised dwarven cultists to seek reparations from the avians through acts of violence, trafficked drugs across the continent and founded various crime syndicates, to name but a few of his transgressions. Though affluent and personally wealthy, it would appear that Timruviel does not undergo a life of crime purely for the sake of acquiring coin via illicit means, but rather that he simply revels in the act of performing unlawful actions. Equal parts mercenary, bounty hunter and assassin, Timruviel will lend himself to any campaign that he feels will keep his interests for long enough a time.